Paper Garden,
Spiral Garden,

Sep. 1 - 11, 2016

Collaborating with a Swiss design studio atelier oï and Gifu prefecture who developed “Honminoshi Garden” project we created light-themed space in the Spiral Garden by integrating two different types of washi tapes―old traditional ones and modern technology-based ones. The Spiral Garden has an open ceiling space and its marble wall is 20 meters long and 17 meters high. Using HARU stuck-on design; tapes we added multi-layered expressive colors on the wall which had been rarely utilized in the past exhibitions due to the characteristics of marble. The very first story of HARU stuck-on design; was revealed during the talk event for this exhibition which was a great opportunity for us to explain the technologies behind the tapes and unique use of colors to the visitors.

Light in Light no.5
washi tape 50mm×21rolls 150mm×29rolls 300mm × 10rolls 600mm × 6rolls