Milano Fuori Salone 2018,
bring color into your life

Apr. 17 - 22, 2018

At Milano Fouri Salone which was our third display, a site specific installation played by colors, words, light and sound with the theme of imagination spread from colors as inspired by cave paintings said to be the earliest art was made jointly with SPREAD. The venue was “Ventura Centrale”underneath the elevated railway tracks at Milano Central Station. This was a big challenge for us: how we could impact people’s senses and emotion by decorating a humid space surrounded by the aged wall with HARU stuck-on design; tape. At the venue SPREAD produced a design in tune with beautiful words and phraises on colors left by great figures such as Gogh, Paul Klee and Bruno Munari: using the entire space of the floor, wall and ceiling a work expressed in planar and stereostatic forms was installed. The sound played in the venue and programmed light induced spread of color imagination and successfully surprised and moved visitors in many ways. At the venue a sample bar was provided for a visitor to tear HARU stuck-on design: tape and get a hands-on experience. Scenes of visitors enjoying customization by cutting washi tape in color and size of their choice and pasting on a cloth or bag spread to Milano city during the design week and were talked about.