Milan Design Week 2019,
Color Appreciation

Apr. 09 - 14, 2019

HARU stuck-on design; a space decorating tape to “stick colors” produced by Nitoms Inc. and creative unit SPREAD joined for an installation entitled “Color Appreciation” during the Milan design week. We would like to send our gratitude to everyone who gathered to experience this exhibition and hereby present to you a comment by SPREAD along with photographs of the exhibition.
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Designers Coments:
Two artworks created under the theme “beautiful contrast” were presented at “Color Appreciation – viewing colors”, organized by Nitoms Inc. as their 4th annual exhibition.

ALCOVA, a former long-established confectionary and the venue for this years exhibition, was a space with various characteristics of a deserted factory, along with an openness made through its lost roofs and decayed structures leaving a vague contrast between the in and the out. In addition, the existing wild plants assisted in producing a distinct feeling of time, and an atmosphere of inconsistent elements coexisting such as “urban & nature” “light & dark” “life & death”… The artworks were aimed to root “HARU” into the venue environment, and to coincide with the energy of its existing appeal.

As a result of numerous simulations and modifications, the final outcome was far beyond everyones expectations and a gratifying one for us. The history behind the broken tiles and roughly painted surfaces of the venue, were merged with the colors of HARU washi tape bonding the old pillars, creating a deep expression between the “light” and “dark”.

With the forecast varying hour to hour, the exhibition was spiced with the ever changing rays of sun light, casting shadows, quiet puddles after the rain, and the gentle breeze creating the lights and colors to flow. On a day blessed with weather the roof structure casted its form onto the artworks, giving it an even lively expression. On contrary moisture from the rain darkened the washi tape, deepening the colors in the puddles creating a beautiful inverted scenery. The overlapping layers of simple colors were enhanced by spontaneous events of the sun and rain, resulting in a range of striking expressions.

We cherish the importance of being physically present on site and to observe the viewers and the outcome of the installation. Standing in the same site, breathing the same air, listening to the same sounds, and feeling the lights. We were also grateful to encounter once again, a scene where a couple confronting the art work nodded in emotion hugging each other saying “How beautiful!”. HARU stuck-on design; enabled us to transform the characteristics of the space, and to enhance the sensibility of the viewers at the installation. Above all our belief is that an essential element of design and creation is to function as a key to release ones perceptions.
-SPREAD /Hirokazu Kobayashi, Haruna Yamada