LEXUS × HARU stuck-on design;

An installation using various tapes to portray an afterimage of a scene from a car window.

“HARU stuck-on design;” produced by Nitoms, Inc. had collaborated with “INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO” in the exhibition “After-Image”. 1F garage of INTERSECT located in the Omotesando area of Tokyo, was created based under the concept of ‘afterimages’. This installation was based on an abstract afterimage of Omotesando, where trends and Japanese cultures cross over, as well as a place where people and auto-mobiles pass by. Washi tapes in various colors and concrete sticks were used for the installation. Focusing on the changes that occur between the afternoon and night, this installation was accompanied with a lighting plan to portray the changing environment from time to time.

Installation design: SPREAD
Lighting: Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG)
Photo: Ooki Jingu