Dialogue with Color 2017 Design Camp 2016,
HermanMiller+Meguro Museum of Art,

Feb. 11, 2017

The creative unit SPREAD was invited as the lecturer of the DESIGN CAMP a series of design workshops held by The Meguro Museum of Art Tokyo (MMAT) and Herman Miller Japan Ltd. Twenty participants joined SPREAD’s workshop “Dialogue with color” which included two-day lectures and one-week homework. They selected two colors from the surroundings on the first day and spent the next one week while thinking through the relationship between their inner selves and the colors they chose. On the last day they drew images of what they figured out on the walls of MMAT gallery using the same two colors of HARU stuck-on design; tapes. Through this workshop the participants physically experienced what the color is. According to SPREAD the aim of the workshop was to have participants discover how colors expand one’s thoughts and feelings by means of extracting colors from the surrounding objects and repeating observation and discussion based on instinct and experience. The creative unit commented that the workshop was an amazing opportunity to share the profound potential of colors which they had been pursuing.

washitape 300mm×40rolls