Design It Yourself,

Jul. 22 - Aug. 25, 2016

We participated in the exhibition Design it Yourself by CIBONE a lifestyle shop in Aoyama Tokyo. The concept of the exhibition was DIY: doing it yourself with creative and intelligent mind rather than just assembling.

We presented some installations created of HARU stuck-on design; tapes and sold the tapes to the visitors. Along with the art unit SPREAD other artists such as DRILL DESIGN studio note and Takeshi Nishio also showed their new approaches for DIY by using HARU stuck-on design; tapes in very unique ways. They presented various pieces of art including plates made of washi tapes figurines made of wood and tapes storage boxes decorated with tapes. Nishino held workshops during the exhibition term which became a good opportunity for HARU stuck-on design;. to be introduced to many visitors from the young to the old.