da monde

Mar. 05, 2018

HARU stuck-on design; was installed for After-school Day Service at Social Welfare Corporation Sakura in Hamamatsu City.
The entrance right after the gateway was designed to be reminiscent of rock surfaces of a cave with an emphasis on damonde colors of blue, pink and gray in tune with the triangle interior design. As this is a doorway to the entire facility, a vibrant atmosphere was created so that the entrance could also play a role of a photo spot.
The access to upper floors from the entrance has various-colored lines on the floor so that children can trace a color to their activity place of the day.
In the multipurpose room where children get together shapes of Shizuoka Prefecture and Hamamatsu City were created in colors representing a jungle to provide the space that reminds the children of their town they live in. At lunch they can feel like eating outdoor.
In the artwork space floating on the mezzanine floor a waterfront landscape of mountains people gathering there can view was installed.