Milan Design Week 2019

Color Appreciation


Apr. 09 tue - 14 sun

via Popoli Uniti 11/13
Milan Italy

We are going to exhibit HARU stuck-on design; in Milano Design Week 2019, one of the world’s largest design festivals that opens its door in April every year.
We, Nitoms, Inc. developed HARU stuck-on design; a decorative tape for space design, based on the concept of “changing space by sticking on colors” in 2016. Taking advantage of HARU stuck-on design; ’s features such as the colors achieved through ultimate dedication and functionality which allows tapes to be peeled off without trace, we have presented various installations since the brand launch.
This year, we will present another site-specific artwork titled “Color Appreciation” with our creative director SPREAD at ALCOVA, and we would like to take this opportunity to propose HARU stuck-on design; ’s concept, “Sticking on color”, as a new way of space design that influences people’s senses and sensibilities.


The contrast is beautiful

SPREAD undertakes creative direction of HARU stuck-on design; products. When they work on their design or art projects, they pay a lot of attention to whether what they are looking at has beautiful contrasts or not. Let’s say there is a beautiful ocean. The light reflects off the water and more light and shadow come into our eyes. We tend to think that the light and the shadow are two different things, but we perceive the light within the light, the shadow within the shadow, even the light and shadow within those light and shadow and it goes on. The contrasts that transcend people’s perception keep emerging, and such myriad contrasts accumulate and create emotional sceneries in us. That’s why we feel “the ocean is beautiful.
Beautiful but contradicting elements such as “city and nature”, “light and shadow”, “life and death” and “coincidence and destiny” coexist in ALCOVA, which produces enticing flow of time and atmosphere. In our exhibition titled “Color Appreciation”, we will bring HARU stuck-on design; ’s 48-different-color tapes that were materialized with ultimate dedication in ALCOVA and demonstrate the beauty of contrasts by creating art installations.



The venue is called ALCOVA, located near Milano Centrale. The premise once had a panettone (a traditional cake of Milan) factory built in 1940, and now serves as an experimental prototype for an itinerant cultural institution in development by Space Caviar and Studio Vedèt. It became one of the venues for Milan Design Week last year. The premise includes a spectacular open space only left with roof frames, a hut-like structure, and corners with grass patches growing from between concrete cracks, serving as a rare urban space where diverse elements coexist


13.8 billion light-years

There are rare moments of a scene that transcends the flow of time, imagining "This landscape has not changed for thousands of years". The ocean seen from the southernmost tip of the African peninsula, the mountain range of the alps, which is blessed with sunlight against the water surface. The scene has been changing as time has passed since the earth was born, but there is something in between the light and shadow that makes us feel that nothing has changed. There is a similar feeling involved in this space where the universe interacts by having no roof. From those feeling, we were inspired to install the art work ’13.8 billion light-years’. This art work is like an ore with power, a part of mountains, a rock after a scream of the earth, and a living emotion. What you look ahead may be the pigment or shade itself that has surely embraced the memory of life.


There is light and dark, nature and city, life and death, coincidence and destiny, there are contrast to every existent. As darkness exists in the light between light and darkness, and light also exists in the darkness.
This place used to be a pastry factory which went out of business before, now is a cultural facility. We installed an art work ‘Border’ at where there is no roof which results the growth of plants between concrete cracks. Where is the boundary between the two things? Is it divided in the first place? Boundaries are divided and connected at the same time. At the boundary, innumerable contrasts appear beyond human recognition, and this innumerable collection of contrasts produces a scene that strikes the human mind.


Press Release


Title Color Appreciation by HARU stuck-on design;
Date Tuesday, April 9th – Sunday, April 14th, 2019 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Exhibit space size 880sqm
Host Nitoms, Inc.
Creative Direction SPREAD