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About US

Design by SPREAD

SPREAD is a creative unit creating new forms of design by incorporating all kinds of memories. Widely engaging in various fields and providing a broad range of solutions to society featuring “color and concept” as their main approach. Their iconic art work “Life Stripe” which expresses life styles with colors and stripe patterns have been showcased in many exhibitions around the world.

Technology by Nitto Group / Nitoms

With a wide range of technologies nurtured over the years from electrical insulation material and adhesive tape-related businesses, the Nitto group has invented numerous high-functional sheets and films based on ingenious combinations of those technologies to industrial, medical, electrical and the other many fields. As a consumer products division of the group, Nitoms is manufacturing many products which apply those technologies of the Nitto group.

With the products we have developed using adhesives, we have advanced into the basic necessities and DIY fields. The Nitoms brand was established with the COLOCOLO adhesive cleaner, a hit product released in 1983. Nitoms has since expanded into areas such as stationery, medical supplies, and life care products, and is developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of home products used in residential and lifestyle applications.