Which color do you stick?

The concept of HARU stuck-on design;―Design your world with colors that stick!―was born as a tool which allows everyone to design their space with ease. There might be many people who like the graphic walls that we’ve presented at shops or events, but assume they require a lot of efforts and skills. Actually, creating such walls isn’t as difficult as it seems.

You don’t need special techniques. As HARU stuck-on design; tapes are removable, you can make changes when necessary. One key point is to work with more than two people. Depending on the number of tape rolls, you can express various designs. With ideas, there will be infinite creation in front of you. Just peel off tapes and you will get the original walls back. Colors have the power to change space strikingly. Why don’t you start from one color and try it on small stuff around you? The video below shows how to work with two people. Please check it out.

Video: https://vimeo.com/215923141
Title: Which color do you stick? By: HARU stuck-on design;