Nov.18, 2017

Salone in Roppongi

During the fall design week in Tokyo, Salone in Roppongi was held in Tokyo Midtown. Just like Salone del Mobile Milano, designers, architects, and artists gathered from all over the world, and interacted with the visitors in "The Designers' Junction", a special program which offered daily exhibitions, workshops and talk secessions. As one of the guest artists, SPREAD was going to hold a workshop on October 15th and 16th using the HARU stuck-on design; tapes. However, they had to change their original plan as the court yard became unavailable due to the rain. They flexibly came up with an alternative and did a live performance with the tapes, creating colorful mountains on the iconic glass wall of Tokyo Midtown. This sudden change was possible thanks to the versatility of the tapes. The visitors saw in front of their eyes how the tapes and colors transformed the entire atmosphere of the surrounding space.


Salone in Roppongi

May.30, 2017

Which color do you stick?

The concept of HARU stuck-on design;―Design your world with colors that stick!―was born as a tool which allows everyone to design their space with ease. There might be many people who like the graphic walls that we've presented at shops or events, but assume they require a lot of efforts and skills. Actually, creating such walls isn't as difficult as it seems.

You don't need special techniques. As HARU stuck-on design; tapes are removable, you can make changes when necessary. One key point is to work with more than two people. Depending on the number of tape rolls, you can express various designs. With ideas, there will be infinite creation in front of you. Just peel off tapes and you will get the original walls back. Colors have the power to change space strikingly. Why don't you start from one color and try it on small stuff around you? The video below shows how to work with two people. Please check it out.

Video: https://vimeo.com/215923141
Title: Which color do you stick? By: HARU Stuck-on design;

May.23, 2017

HARU stuck-on design; won Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

HARU stuck-on design; won Product Design Award 2017 at Red Dot Award, one of the most respected international design awards hosted by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany.

This year had more than 5,500 entries from 54 countries, and the internationally well-known design professionals judged the innovativeness and functionality of designs. HARU stuck-on design; was evaluated highly in Materials and surface category. The awarded products will be exhibited at Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany (From July 4th, 2017 till August 6th, 2017).


Red Dot Award:Product Design 2017」受賞

May.20, 2017

“Nippon Bijin × Bijo;” × HARU stuck-on design;

HARU stuck-on design; will appear on the main window of The Japan Store ISETAN MITSUKOSHI Paris, which is located in the Japan Cultural Institute Paris. For the store's spring campaign, HARU stuck-on design; tape will turn the window color to pink, and brighten the city of Paris till May 27th. You can buy HARU stuck-on design; tapes at the store. Please take a look when you come near.

101 bis, Quai Branly - 75015 Paris,
The Japan Cultural Institute In Paris, GF shop space


ISETAN MITSUKOSHI “Nippon Bijin × Bijo;” × HARU stuck-on design;

May.4, 2017

“Suzuki Masaru’s Golden Week” “familiar ZOO by Masaru Suzuki”

Textile Designer Masaru Suzuki who has his own brand “OTTAIPNU” works with various manufacturers and brands at home and abroad, such as marimekko. This year, he produces two exhibitions for the coming Golden Week, and HARU stuck-on design; is going to make a collaboration with him.

One exhibit “Suzuki Masaru’s Golden Week” will start from Saturday, April 29th at LIGHT BOX Studio Aoyama. Suzuki’s umbrella works and textiles will be showcased at the venue, where Suzuki himself will make decoration with all sorts of colors and shapes using HARU stuck-on design; tapes. As for the other exhibit “familiar ZOO by Masaru Suzuki” held at Familiar Ginza main store from Wednesday, May 10th, there will be a workshop where visitors can play with HARU stuck-on design; tapes. Suzuki creates fantastical and humorous world with unique use of colors and bold composition. Don’t miss these rare chances to see Suzuki’s works right in front of your eyes.

Suzuki Masaru’s Golden Week familiar ZOO by Masaru Suzuki

Apr.3, 2017

We will participate in Milano Fuorisalone 2017

We will participate in Milano Fuorisalone 2017 to exhibit HARU stuck-on design; products. The event will be from Tuesday, April 4 till Sunday, April 9 2017 in Milan, Italy.

This is our second participation, and we will create installation at the joint exhibition, “Travel Through Design” by Meet My Project. We will create art works on some interior walls of the venue, and show new artistic possibilities of HARU. Art works will also appear on the exterior walls to welcome all visitors.

<General Information>
Event: Meet My Project "Travel Through Design" (Joint exhibition)
Time: Tuesday, April 4 till Sunday, April 9 2017
Venue: Next Agency
Viale Crispi 5, 20121 Milano, (Brera)
tel. +39 02 3672 5630


Apr.1, 2017

HARU stuck-on design;
Website Renewal

We have renewed HARU stuck-on design; website. We will add more contents to provide various information related to our products. We always appreciate your interest and support.